Footcare Products

We stock a wide range of products which care for your feet.

  • Gel heel cups
  • Akileine foot cream
  • Silipos soft silicone orthosis
  • Vasyli orthotics
  • Heel Balm
  • Insolia High Heel Inserts
  • Metatarsal pads
  • Verrucae treatments
  • Antifungal preparations
  • ClearZal Skin care treatments
  • Gehwol Foot creams

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Shoe insoles can help a range of problems from correcting an abnormal walking pattern to relieving areas of high pressure underneath the foot. We have a range of insoles to suit all shoes types, suitable for every kind of person and their level of activity.

Custom Insoles

For our patients who require a more comprehensive insole we offer a custom orthotic solution.

How do they work ?

Custom insoles/orthotics realigns the foot into its correct neutral position thus ensuring correct hip and knee rotation of the lower limb. This in turn stops the foot having to compensate for any abnormalities by reducing excessive pronation or supination.